David Martel: “What are your plans for 2011? Do you have any projects going on that you can talk about?”

Flint Dille: “I can tease a couple of things. Working on an epic game.  Doing a comic book with some characters that have already been mentioned in this interview.  Agent 13 is coming back as books, a radio show, reprints of the graphic novels, a re-sploof on the RPG and we’re finishing the Agent 13 novels, too.”


DM: “Let’s talk about Agent 13. Are you behind the whole idea for this franchise, the game and its stories?”

FD: “Dave Marconi and I in equal parts.”

DM: “How did you get involved into the first series of book from the eighties? Was it because of your TV experience? It’s about the same time that you were working for Sunbow.”

FD: “I’d just gotten done writing the Sagard books with Gary Gygax and kind of liked writing books. Talked Gary into doing a series with TSR that would bridge (this was the idea at the time) Top Secret and their roaring twenties Gangbusters game line. Dave Marconi had read a bunch of pulps and watched some serials and wanted to do the genre. We simultaneously put the idea together as a movie pitch. In short, it was coming from a lot of directions.

In movie terms, we thought of it as James Bond meets Indiana Jones. Oddly enough, Agent 13 is kind of hovering in the Background of the ARG we’re doing in my class at UCLA in secret society form.”

DM: “Will the Agent 13 radio show be like listening to a novel? Or will it have interactive parts?”

FD: “Its a dramatic presentation.”

DM: “Regarding the books, is there a number already planned or you will wait for the success to determine if you write another each time?”

FD: “We’re actually just kind of making this up as we go along. We’ll see what people like and don’t like and tune the story based on it. That’s the cool thing about digital media and modern franchises. We’ve probably got 10 ideas. Fans might have ideas. We might find that somebody writes the books better than we do, and they can take off with them.”

DM: “Agent 13 being back after such a long time, was there a popular demand for this?”

FD: “No. We just dreamed it up and did it. It was funny. First thing that happened was that a major producer, Sean Daniels, read it and wanted to make it as a movie. He did the mummy films. Once that happened, we started looking at the stuff and saying, ‘this is kind of cool.’ Then, it was just in the air.”

DM: “Why did you establish it in the 30’s? Was it based on the fact that wanted to make James Bond meet Indiana Jones?”

FD: “The thirties, right on the eve of WWII are a great era. They are the era of classic pulp. Maybe there’s something about the recession and that era. Not sure.”

DM: “Thanks a lot Flint for taking this time with me. This is much appreciated.”

FD: “No problem. It’s flattering and fun to get stuff out.”

DM: “Happy 2011!”

FD: “Yeah! Happy 2011. Or the year of Zoll. Looks like it’s going to be a really interesting year.”

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